Pavlos Ratis

Pavlos Ratis

Hi. I'm Pavlos. I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at HolidayCheck.

Linux user and open source developer since high school. Attained an MSc in Software Engineering at the University of Glasgow. Over time, I worked on a wide range of projects, from writing software to automate and manage multi-server cloud-based infrastructure to developing web applications. In the past, I contributed to the Gentoo Linux project as an official developer working on various tools in the development and infrastructure chain. In addition, I participated in the Google Summer of Code programme twice as a Software Developer, and once as a mentor.

I also consulted on the "Real World SRE" book by reviewing and offering suggestions regarding the content.

My interests include distributed systems, Linux internals, Python, Go and reliability of production systems.

GnuPG FP: 1777 8AE2 40DC 22BA A84C C60B A31B BEB2 3A05 1746